Sunday, November 28, 2010

Faith Integration Helps Us Ask: The Search for Meaning (Part II)

Ten question about the present (Continued)

6.  Which five prople are the most positive and uplifting in our life? Why?
7.  Which five people are the most draining, demanding , and difficult for you to deal with?
8.  If you died today, who do you thick would attend your funeral?
9.  How many times a day do you pray?
What kinds of thoughts come to mind when you take the time for reflecttion or meditation? Fears? Hopes? Blessings?

Ten questions about the future

1.  What do you think your life will be like twenty years from now?
2.  Try to imagine your thoughts on your deathbed. What will you widh you;d done differently? What will you feel you've done well?
3.  What is your most recurring daydream?
4.  What are your five greatest fears about the future?
5.  What are your five greatest hopes for the future?
6.  Do you feel you have to face the future alone, or do you believe God will walk though it with you?
7.  Whatt is the one thing you'd like to change in order to make the future better?
8.  Which five people's friendship or love would you want to know you'd have for the rest of your life?
9.  Have you ever committed your future into the care of God?
10. What are the ten questions you would like to ask Him?

Faith Integration Helps Us Ask: The Search for Meaning

Ten questions about the past
  1. What are the ten most importatn lessons you've learned in your life?
  2. Who are ten key people whose friendships have run like a thread through your life? What do they mean to you?
  3. Can you discern an invisible hand at work hehind the scenes of your life? In what circumstances have you most seen providential guidance or intervention?
  4. What are the ten worst things that have ever happened to you? What good came out of them?
  5. Which of your personal traits have served you the best in your life?
  6. Which traits have caused you the most problems?
  7. Whatt was the best time of your life? Why?
  8. What have been your ten most significant accomplishments?
  9. Have you ever had a prayer answered? What happened?
  10. If you had it all to do again, what would you do differently?
Ten questions about the present
  1. What are the three problems or concerns that worry you the most?
  2. For what ten things are you the most grateful?
  3. If you could change anything in your life today, what would it be? Why haven't you changed it?
  4. How would you describe your present physical health conditional?
  5. What smalll pleasures do you look forward to on a daily basis?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Faith Integration Teaches Us: Seek Wisdom

Wisdom to live by:

  • The words of wisdom: "The proverbs of Solomon...For attaining wisdom and discipline; for understanding words of insight" (Proverbs 1:1-2)
  • The purpose of wisdom: "for acquiring a disciplined and prudent life, doing what is right and just and fair." (Proverbs 1:3)
  • the source of wisdom: "Let the wise listen and add to their learning and let the discerning get guidance." (Proverbs 1:5)
Wisdom learned:

Lazarus Long - All men are created equal
Mark Twain - Faith is believing what you know ain't so
BenFranklin - A Lie stands on one leg, the truth stands on two
Anonymous - Don't spit in the wind
Albert Eistein - Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about   the former.
Plato - Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws.
Ralph Waldo Emerson - Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.
Eleanor Roosevelt - the only man who never makes mistakes is the man who never does anything.
Anna Freud - i was always looking outside myself for strenght and confidence, but it comes from within, It is there all the time.
Sandra Day O' Connor - I don't know that there are any shortcuts to doing a good job

Faith Integration Subject Matter: Devotional - Qualities of a Winner

Qualities of a winner:

  • Honesty - A winner finds a way to be honest and adds others who are honest
  • Loyalty - Loyal people stick aroung through thick and thin
  • Positive attitiude - the ingredient that often allows the near impossible to be achieved
  • Effectiveness - efficient people save money; effective pwople know how to make it with limited resources
  • Problem-Solving Skills - If you find peeople who can solve problems, latch onto them and don't let them go
  • Self-Discipline - Self discipline is the ability to delay gratification
  • Sense of Humor - A winner is always healthy enough to laugh at himself or herself and can spread that good humor to everyone else
  • Perseverance - People who ggive something a little attention and then wimp out and quit before they have a chance to wim
  • Team Player - Winners know that in the counsel of many, there is much greater potential to problem solve
  • Unwillingness to Make  Excuses - A winner would never stoop so low as to come up with a lame excuse when there just might be another way to approach the problem

Faith Integration Teaches Us: One Person Can Make a Difference

  • Difference-Makers in History
          - Martin Luther - sparked the Protestant revolution
          - Leonardo da Vinci - opened the age of the Renaissance
          - William Shakespeare - playwright of the ages
          - John Bunyan - guidedthe progress of millions of pilgrams
          - Benjamin Franklin - provided your bifocals
          - Eli Whitney - gave us the cottin gin
          - Thomas Edison - brought us the electric light
  • Difference-Makers in the Bible
          - Noah - because of his faithfulness to God we are here today
          - Abraham - through whom all the families of the earth are blessed
          - Moses - deliverer of the Hebrews
          - Joshua, the judges, David, Soloman, the prophets and apostles
          - Jesus Christ - made difference makers of scores of others
  • How about you?

Integrated Faith Topics Using Subject Matter Examination: The Meaning Of Winning With Character

Achieve a Positive Mindset Through:

  • Having Self-Confidence
          - Realisitically appraising your strengths and then utilizing them
  • Living with your Means
          - Using delayed gratification to ensure that your aren't spending more than you make
  • Getting Along Well with Ohters
          - Realizing that you can never win an argument
  • Having a Posiottive Helpful Attitide
          - Being deelighted to see someone else get ahead
  • Being Considerate of Others
          - Putting yourself in perspective and focus on other people's needs
  • Practicing patience
          - Believing that God knows more about what's going on then you do
  • Having a hunger for learning
          - having a desire to know more, do more, and bee more
  • Being Reliable
          - Willing to make painful commitments and then keep them
  • Loving other People
          - Be careful to love people and use things

Finding new Balance: Approach To Education Grounded In Christian World And Life View

  • The three-legged stool
           - If we focus too much on the meaningful side of life, we'll have no money, and
             we'll never accomplish the mission.
           - If we focus too much on the mission, we'll lose sight of our financial
             responsibilities, and we'll forget to enjoy daily pleasures.
           - If we fiocus too much on money or never learn to acquire and manage money
             we'll find ourselves selling out the mission and living in a world without wonder
             or meaning.
  • The five dimensions of life
           - Physical: Taking care of our bodies is more than a good idea; it's the first step
             toward any kind of success.
           - Mental: Our thought lives are the soil from which our actions sprout, grow,
             and bear fruit - for better or for worse.
           - Emotional: Witht the right attitide, we can accomplish more than we ever
             dreamed. With the wrong attitude, we will ignore more opportunities than
             most people ever get.
           - Social: When we surround ourselves with trusted friends we benefit ourselves,
             and we give of ourselves to those we care about.
           - Spiritual: A relationship with God is the number one guarantee that once you
             make it into the winner's circle, you will enjoy being there.